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Creating Amazing Workplaces

5th-6th June

Bournemouth, UK/ Online

13+ Speakers

Passionate, Creative, Human

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A Gathering with ideas...

Shared and challenged at #aapcon14

  • All About People 2014
  • All About People 2014
  • All About People 2014
  • All About People 2014

There’s something happening — a shift, where workplaces are being created that focus on their people — celebrating their individuality and putting them at the centre of carefully crafted responsive and responsible organisations that are lighting a beacon for the future of the successful workplace.

All About People 2014 brought together thought leaders, speakers, presenters and disruptors with a shared passion for creating amazing, happy workplaces that thrive. From company culture to space design, employee engagement, wellness, responsiveness, creativity, leadership and more - we listened, played, shared ideas, challenged, debated, discussed and socialised.

Informal yes, idealistic maybe, human certainly. It wasn't slick, or corporate, but it was a lot of fun… and that’s the point.

What they said

Some of the #aapcon14 feedback

A genuine spirit of collaboration, sharing and giving started right from the first moment. Great, fresh, innovative and diverse range of ideas and practices from all the participants.

...the overwhelming sense that there is a real movement of real people who truly care about changing organisations (at last). I learned so much, met some great people and had fun (and came home with books!!!) - what more can you want?

It was more of a gathering of like minded people rather than a conf. It wasn't an echo chamber of good ideas - people's opinions and perspectives were thrown into the mix, making it a fully interactive experience.

Our Speakers

The amazing catalysts for our conversations

Peter Johnson

Peter A Johnson

Director, Fairday Research Limited

Dave Hall

Dr David J Hall

CEO, The Ideas Centre

Lorraine Makepeace

Lorraine Makepeace

Head of Amazing, The Chemistry Group

Victoria Tomlinson

Victoria Tomlinson

Manager of Internal Communications and Employee Experience, Mind Candy

Matthew Partovi

Matthew Partovi

Yammer, & Co-creator of the #ResponsiveOrg Movement

Clare Millar

Clare Millar

Nutritional Therapist (Dip Nut, CNM, GAPS, mBANT, Ba Hons), Eat for Victory

Louise Tufnell

Louise Tufnell

Partner, Inside 80 Ltd

Helen Bissett

Helen Bissett

Managing Director, H&H

Kamala Katbamna

Kamala Katbamna

Director, Chirp

Oliver Baxter

Oliver Baxter

Programme Manager, Insights Group EMEA, Herman Miller

Martyn Powell

Martyn Powell

Health and Fitness Expert, Stay Slim and Avoid the Gym

Liam Barrington-Bush

Liam Barrington-Bush

Organisational Insurgent, more like people

Andy Swann

Andy Swann

Head of Ideas and Mistakes, My Amazing Team

Amazing Teams

Insight From These Great Companies

  • Getting things started with a Chirp - Kamala Katbamna, Chirp

    Chirp kicked off #aapcon14 with an innovative and interactive workshop, using collective singing.

    Fusing singing with exercises, discussion and feedback, Chirp develop communication, collaboration and team spirit, helping teams to excel - with passion!

  • What HR can learn from Rock and Roll - Andy Swann, My Amazing Team

    After a full #aapcon14 welcome and introductions, we looked at how we can apply rock 'n' roll principles to change our approach to the workplace.

    Andy created My Amazing Team from a belief that there's a better, more creative way for organisations to find and keep amazing people. He believes in turning work into play and that human engagement trumps policy and bureaucracy.

  • Right People, Right Culture - Lorraine Makepeace, The Chemistry Group

    Drawing on the experiences of The Chemistry Group itself, as well as their approach to helping amazing organisations transform and thrive, this is part case study and part advice.

    Lorraine is Head of Amazing at The Chemistry Group and knows fully how to understand 'what good looks like' - as well as how to develop the teams and culture to make that a reality.

  • Keep Calm and Eat for Victory! - Clare Millar, Eat for Victory

    From a very unique perspective, Clare talked us through how we can better connect with the food we put in our mouths and consider the impact it has on us - as well as enjoy it more.

    Clare consults major organisations on nutrition and is an expert on how nutrition and diet in the short, medium and long-term can affect every aspect of a workplace.

  • Rise of the Responsive OrganisationMatt Partovi, Yammer/ #ResponsiveOrg

    From internal communications to major corporations, Matt shared the principles of the #ResponsiveOrg movement with us, what a responsive organisation looks like and how our organistions can benefit from being responsive.

    Matt works for Yammer/ Microsoft, is Co-Founder of the #ResponsiveOrg movement and Founder of the Culturevist meetup.

  • The Mind Candy Experience - Victoria Tomlinson, Mind Candy

    Mind Candy has a reputation as an amazing workplace, but as a Silicon Roundabout tech startup, the reality of the effort and attention to detail that goes into creating such a high-performing culture and environment can be overlooked.

    Victoria will be sharing the real-life experience of Mind Candy and how they create and drive an amazing culture that delivers real benefit to the whole business.

  • Inside AND Outside Our Organisations - Liam Barrington-Bush, more like people

    Participatory, fair, open, democratic... these are the kinds of words we’d all like to be able to use to describe our workplaces. But do these values hold true when we move beyond our organisational walls? If we believe in the values of transparency, equality and participation, what do they mean for our staff, teams and departments, as well as stakeholders outside of our offices?

    If we try to address internal organisational questions, without a clear sense of how they impact on the world around us, we will only ever see part of the picture and thus struggle to effectively change the ways we organise ourselves for the better.

    Liam is the author of ‘Anarchists in the Boardroom: How social media and social movements can help your organisation to be more like people’ and will be exploring the relationship between the values we want to find in our offices, and what those same values mean when applied to our organisations’ work and relationships with the world around us.

  • Chaos, Values and Control - Peter A Johnson, Fairday Research

    Peter believes there is a distinct difference between work and play, sharing with us how workplaces can be more people-focussed by creating freedoms within paramaters.

Session Overviews

Our speakers are all passionate about creating and contributing to amazing workplaces, many of them with international reputations. Their organisations are the most forward thinking, creative and innovative. Together we shared ideas and were inspired to create our own amazing workplaces.

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    A two day gathering of thought leaders, speakers, presenters and disruptors with a shared passion for creating amazing, happy workplaces that thrive.

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